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Certified products
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Own production
Manufacturing complex

The entire production - from raw material preparation to sewing the finished product is carried out on the premises of the company.

At each stage of the production cycle is strict control over the observance of the technological process.

This system ensures quality control of all stages of the production process.

The entire product range of the company is made on the modern high-tech equipment of famous European brands.

Patented technology
Technology Quadro Air®

The patented new generation of fiber with four hollows. Has unique production technology, which is owned by our production.

The fiber does not cause allergic reactions; well removes moisture, does not accumulate dust, combines the heat-shielding and ventilating properties.

QuadroAir® has elastically flexible structure that allows the products recover their shape quickly and easily, stay dry and comfortable.

We use technology

TENCEL – is silky fiber produced according to the complex nanotechnology from high quality Australian eucalyptus tree.

TENCEL Advantages:

  • environmentally friendly fiber from healling eucalyptus tree;
  • absolutely not allergic;
  • combines the softness and smoothness of silk, cotton soft and comfortable;
  • very durable fabric, has a solid structure;
  • perfectly breathable ( "breathing");
  • High hydrophilic and absorbent properties and a high evaporation rate (50% better absorb moisture than cotton);
We use technology

Microfibre (microfibre) - a hypoallergenic fabric consisting of polyester fibers. The basis for the manufacturing of fabric are ultrafine fibers having a diameter of only 0.06 mm.

We use technology
Outlast ®

Outlast® technology, originally developed for NASA, utilizes phase change materials (PCM) that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort.

Outlast® coated materials can also be applied to mid-layers put between the first layer and the lining.

And it works, providing a good night's sleep next way:

1. There is a heat transfer between the skin and a pillow or a blanket in the zone of microclimate.

2. The layer Outlast ® Thermocules ™ as body heat, gradually cools it through capsules Thermocules ™.

3. Absorbs moisture, creates a comfort zone for your body.

4. Again gives the heat off.

5. That's the way there is heat transfer and temperature control of the microclimate temperature between a blanket or a pillow and your body.

We use technology

Fibers Advance manufacturer:

  • Modern technologies;
  • Special textile fibers, for the bulk of stability and long-term use in home textiles.
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